Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Your Profile Says About You

Here at ODBDS, I am a firm believer that sometimes it's not the content of the messages that measure the person, but their online personality summary can also tell you a lot more about them as well:

Profile Viewed on 07/28/12:

"Well I can't sum myself up in a lil box but Der is alot 2 kno so feel free 2 ask.. I'm not shy so ask NEthing u wana kno.. Not really gud at talkin bout myself, u jus gota take da time 2 get 2 kno me.. I'm not like most ppl I don't fit NE 1 mold, I don't hav a type, n u can't judge me by my cover.. I'm as real as dey cum n jus cuz I type like dis doesn't mean I can't spell things correctly if you prefer, I jus think its easier n u can still understand.. Feel free 2 hit me up, I'll an"swer NE questions u hav..

I do hav pix but I'm havin problems putin dem up 4 sum reason..

This man seriously needs to invest in spellchecker, a dictionary, a grammar book and a thesaurus. I had no idea what the the fuck he just all. I can't believe I am using two pictures for this one profile summary:

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