Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh Dear God...

Some of these men really need some serious help with proper online interraction with women:

Messages Recieved on 07/18/12:

"Hi Ms.Wonderful, Im George. A little about me : im a precious metals broker,

my own place, puerto rican, dont have kids, have my own car and its not in

the shop. lol. Im caring, loyal, honest, fun ,exciting and a bunch of other good

things you would have to find out ;-)"

Hmm...This one doesn't seem like a dud, but then again he wants me to find out more about him *wink, wink. He more than likely subscribes to the theory of "Ask 100 women to have sex with me and one will eventually say yes." That one woman will do it out of pity.


An hour later...

"No chance?"

If I didn't respond to you the first time, what the hell makes you think I will respond the second time?!

"You look like trouble ;)"

So says the guy with a tattoo of an AK-47 on his arm. Look I have nothing against military men or tattoos, but you're one to talk, considering the fact that you have a tattoo of an AK-47 on your arm!

Messages Recieved on 07/19/12:
"Time traveling ship captain huh.... Ill let you join my space ship transformer if i can ride your time traveler :D"

Oh sweet Jesus, this deserves a picture:

Riker says it for me.

"lmao are you serious"

Did you seriously just message me without checking your punctuation and without capitalizing the first word of the sentence?

"hi baby"

Very original.

These guys need to get schooled very badly. Then again, if they have come this far, then there is no hope.

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