Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome! Here's a Triple Header

Hello and welcome to Online Dating: Buds, Duds or Studs!

Today I am going to give you a triple header so check these messages out and see if you would date any of these people:

Message received on 07/16/12:
"Yo, you're a wacko, but I like it. lol!"

Congratulations! You won the Biggest Twit of the Year Award!

Messages received on 07/17/12:

" Hi, you are really beautiful. It looks like you are a really great person inside and out. I would love to chat with you sometime. "

It looks like you are saying that just to get into my pants.

"You seem like a genuine, down to earth, easy going girl. I came on this site as a curiosity as to what's out there. Here I am exploring that curiosity I suppose. My profile is pretty detailed, but overall I'm a genuine, down to earth, easy going person. I'd love to chat if you are up for it."

Apparently you need to invest in a Thesaurus. And it also sounds like you want be in a relationship with yourself.

Here's a bonus one:

You sound just wild and crazy enough for me to be very interested in you.....I might want to be part of your "crew"....."

Sir, you deserve this:

So everyone, are these guys Buds, Duds or Studs? Let me know in the comments section.

Have fun and good luck!

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