Saturday, August 4, 2012


As the title implies, the first message is not as bad but that is not saying very much:
Messages received on 08/04/12:

"hey how are ya? im seem like you have an awesome personality....what are you up to this weekend?"

You started out great and then you asked me what I am up to this weekend. Classic case of jumping the gun here if I didn't say so myself and you are also coming off as someone who wants a one night stand. Nothing wrong with that, but when it says one someone's profile that they are looking for a serious relationship, you're contacting the wrong person.

But this one is a gem among gems. In fact I am hoping this guy was seriously trolling:
"Question :think its wrong to be out driving around cock out my boxers windows all down catching air lol =X ...."
I wouldn't know how to respond to this. First of all I don't have a penis. Second, I have never driven anywhere with my vulva out in the open catching air with all of the windows down. Third, why the fuck would you send anyone this message?! I hope you are trolling really. If this is your idea of a pick up line, then you sir deserve three picture that sum up this message perfectly and these are becoming overused at this point:

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