Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Things About TARDIS and Other Tidbits...

I do appreciate some good advice on getting a decent time traveling machine

Message received on 09/26/12:

"next time get a tardis...sligtly btr time travel lol"

Ok good point, but the TARDIS is also unpredictable and the Doctor has banned me from piloting the damn thing since I crashed yeah there's that.

And now some WYPSAY:

Profiles viewed on 09/30/12:

My Hobbies Include Females i Love Them No Discrimination on Shape Or Size Unless Your Really Really Distorted. I Play Call of Duty For You Gamers Out There. I Am A Taurus Kinda Quiet But Funny Person"

So you're saying that your hobby is women and that you're okay with them unless they are "distorted"? What is your definition of "distorted?" Please tell me I am dying to know the answer... oh and "females" is unacceptable, especially in the context that the word was used. Sorry this makes you sound like a misogynistic dick. 

"no reason to tell you this rite now just ask n i may jus tell ya everything before we even talk then we wouldnt have nutting to talk about uhwerhfwhu9uhgrfuhgrueihgruerhg9uher9uhggguuebvneuibvnurnb9ue"

Wow...this one is a trollolololololol!!!!

"If you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to. Im considered an ***hole if I lie or if im too honest, you tell me which is worse.

Im a professional photographer for jersey shor"

Wow, how is this guy unattached? No really, I am sure a lot of women would love to date an asshole like you, who happens to be without a job now since Jersey Shore was cancelled. The sad part is...there are some women out there who would totally go out with this guy. This guy is a huge DUD!!!

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