Monday, September 10, 2012

My God...What Have We Done

Here is another edition of WYPSAY courtesy of Miss Leah:

Profile viewed on 09/08/10:

"Hi , i am an arab black muslim man , who joined the site less than year ago , i am a sub who loves to be raped by strap on (among other things ) by women specially white or jewish women , and i am not saying i hate the others , but i think there is something magical in white or jewish women specially if the white woman is a racist wink . i will not write more my fingers already is hurt from writing ( i know i am a sissy lol ) if you wanna know more add/message me kiss . i think you should know i do not mind going on webcam on skype , coz i am such a slut . lol" 

l smell a trollololololol!!!!!!

Here is a message I  received on 09/10/12:

"I want to fuck your toes."

Ladies and Gentleman, here is an image of my reaction to this message:

I need a drink.

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