Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Nice Messages and A Chat Log From A Douchebag

Here we go:

Message received on 01/06/13:

"Cute smile."

Thanks. Actually that's a nice message. Though the screen name "lovesblackpuss" does raise a lot of red flags for me.

Message recieved on 01/09/13:

"I saw your profile and thought you seem excessively nifty (perhaps evident by the presence of this message). So, I wanted to invite you to view my profile and if you'd like message me back."

See, this is how its done. This is how you send a message to someone. It's okay to be creative, hell, saying "hello" is great too.

He gets "Stud of the Week." 

Just when I thought they finally learned some internet etiquette, I get this message from Julie, of Jupiter, FL:
Message received on 01/16/13:

Herpa-Derp: "so it says a guy can't possibly be kinkier than you...wanna bet?"

Julie: "Nope. It was an honest answer, not a challenge."

Herpa-Derp: "re-read your profile. i'd prob lose that bet anyway."

Okay, where do I begin with this douchey asshole: "so" in this case is with a capital "S," "re" with a capital "R," capital "I" when addressing yourself, "probably" needs to be spelled out in it's entirety. This guy needs a serious lesson in grammar. Not to mention he needs a serious kick in the balls. He obviously feels the need to slut shame Miss Julie, simply because he's not getting any action from any self-respecting woman with a brain cell. Really dude, that's how you say "hello" to someone? I shudder to think how you are going to address someone in the real world. I bet it goes something like this:

"Hi, I'm an insecure asshole who lives at home in my dark, creepy basement with my parents. I feel that I need to be kinkier than women, because I don't in women making their own choices and being human beings. I believe that they should subservient to me and bow down to my needs because I am a MAYUN!!!" 

Yeah, I'm sure that will help you get women, the kind that will be more than happy to kick you in the balls for being a sexist, slut-shaming douche.

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